Acquisitions & Development

With over 40 years of experience, Ferlito Group excels in property acquisition, development, and creating value in communities. As a comprehensive firm, we offer an all-in-one solution, streamlining your project journey. We specialize in revitalizing neighborhoods, restoring historical buildings, and fostering strong partnerships with property owners, investors, and developers.

Commercial Property Management

Ferlito Group delivers comprehensive commercial property management services in four key areas: tenant relations, financial management, maintenance, and leasing, ensuring efficient property operations. Tenant satisfaction is a top priority, fostering positive relationships for enhanced retention. Our diligent financial management covers rent collection, budgeting, and transparent reporting, while maintenance is proactively managed to meet regulations.


Ferlito Group excels in comprehensive construction services, delivering excellence and quality craftsmanship. Our skilled team brings your vision to life while upholding the highest workmanship standards. Our services encompass site evaluation, budgeting, scheduling, permitting, and project management, ensuring a seamless process from concept to completion with attention to detail and timely delivery.


Ferlito Group provides tailored investment services focused on maximizing returns in the real estate market. Our experts conduct in-depth market research, identify lucrative opportunities, and source off-market deals to align with clients' investment goals. Leveraging our development expertise, we optimize returns through strategic redevelopment and income potential maximization. Transparency and trust are central to our approach, offering detailed financial analysis, market insights, and ongoing monitoring to inform sound decision-making. Our personalized approach caters to individual objectives and risk tolerance, ensuring successful investment outcomes.