Real Estate Development


Currently we are focused on several types of real estate in multiple locations of Southeast Michigan.

Detroit – We are extremely optimistic about Detroit and have been investing here since 1980. We are developing medium-density, multi-use/residential projects. We work with several community leaders to get these projects off the ground and sustaining. Detroit is our home and we are here for the long haul. If you are interested in developing/investing in Detroit call us anytime!

Metro-Detroit – With the rebound of the economy there have been several real estate sectors that have bounced back. We focus on residential, senior living, medical office, and retail. There  are opportunities for these segments in most of the metropolitan area, and we plan to explore every single one of them. If you are ready to explore with us please call!

Include us on YOUR team!

We are team developers. In our eyes we don’t see other companies as competition but as future partners.  We are open to a variety of different development partnerships. When we look at opportunities, it is our objective to find value at every angle. Whether you are out of state, a municipal institution, a banking institution, an investor or a fellow developer/builder, we are confident that we can collaborate and explore real estate opportunities together. As we say to all of our partners, “we just like to work.” If there is an opportunity for us to join a team, we will explore it to our fullest capacity and effort, regardless of the deal being offered.



Investor – As an investor you look to invest in projects that have a stable return. As developers, we analyze every deal so that all parties involved capture returns that are expected. If you are a small cap investor who likes to join in on the equity or a large cap investor who likes to fund majority of the project, we have opportunities for you. In present time, diversifying your investment is essential to mitigating risk.

Out of Town Partner – Do you want to access the Detroit market but you lack the knowledge of who is the best and most reliable company to contact? Contact us! If you’re an investor or developer we will meet with you, explore opportunities together, and develop a plan and project that meets the team’s criteria. We are here for the community and to help develop opportunities.  Come explore the endless opportunities Detroit has to offer and build a valuable project with the Ferlito Group!

Banking Institution – We only develop projects that make sense for the equity AND the debt side of the deal. We will meet with you and analyze a deal together so we can build value in communities. As the market gets stronger, NOW is the perfect time to create these essential partnerships. We look forward to speaking with you for our upcoming projects.

Developers/Builders – There are opportunities all around us. If there are opportunities you see that may be too big or too small for you in Detroit, or ones you may be too busy for, call the Ferlito Group! We have partnered with several companies to bring successful projects online. We look forward to creating business relationships, and we highly encourage other developers/builders to get in contact with us.


Join OUR team!

When we begin the pre-development phase of a project, we immediately look at the project as a whole from a 20,000 foot view. The question we ask ourselves is: “What partners can we work with to make this a success?” We are open to putting high-valued members on our team. This partnership opportunity is best described as community collaborative developing. We work together to efficiently meet the intended and desired objective. We have partnered with several different companies, and we have considerable experience in forming successful development teams. Establishing partnerships in projects strongly increases the value of the end product for the community due to the specific knowledge that every person brings to the table. Our table is always open, feel free to come in and take a seat. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming a future partner of the Ferlito Group!

Current Developments

Creating Value for Community

The Ferlito Group prides itself on creating valuable projects for the community in which we do business. With every project, we speak to community leaders and households to see what type of project is right for their community.  Similar to the citizens in various residences, we are also stakeholders in the community.  We are here to develop sustainable projects to add real value to the communities in which we do business.


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